Calderdale Reading Revolution 

Since we started in 2018 The Great Heights English Hub has worked with a wide range of schools across Calderdale. We have met many fantastic teachers, school leaders and advocates of reading and wanted to create a central place for this amazing community to go. A place where they can find material and resources to support them and their schools. Welcome to the Reading Revolution!

We want you to be a partner in the Revolution and help us promote the webpage and resources so that as many teachers and school as possible across our region can use and access them.

If you would like to be a partner in the project please email or give the Hub a call on 07395 331718 to tell us you would like to join. Then email a copy of your logo to Englishhub@greetlandacademy and we will add this alongside our other partner to the landing page. All we ask is that you share the webpage at any relevant events and meetings.


Reading is quite simply wonderful! It has the power to change lives.  By joining the Reading Revolution you are showing just how much you value reading and that you want and believe that every child in Calderdale can be a reader for life.  


We have set up this webpage to include the resources schools will need to support them on their journey. This includes an initial audit tool for both phonics and reading for pleasure that you can use to evaluate your current position, we will be adding an early language audit soon. 


We want all schools across Calderdale to take the pledge and be a part of the Reading Revolution. This includes engaging with the audit tools and using the materials on the site to support you with your development.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please follow us on twitter @GreatHeightsHub or contact us via or 07395331718